Hp petrol station-Kumbakonam,TamilNadu

Friendly, honest, high quality work. Energy helped us make the decisions from the beginning, with a very courteous and professional approach. They really made me feel like I was their only customer. The vIkram solar panels have been a complete success and we are proud to produce more energy than we consume on average

Victory Matriculation school-Mylode,TamilNadu

Great job explaining the system, the benefits and the cost. And his company did a very good job handling the project from start to finish. But the proof that this was an extremely good investment is that we’ve had No electcity conception charges for more than 2 years,


Harshini Textiles-Pollachi,TamilNadu

The installation process was quick and well organized.  I highly recommend their services. During the high production months, we pay nothing for electricity costs in our business building. This high production offsets the cost of our electricity bill at industrial. We’re so glad we went solar with SVS Energy.